Preventative Maintenance and Support

Don't Let Problems Compromise Your Security. Get ACS

No one ever expects a problem with their Access Control system to occur. When issues come up though, it's good to have the experts at ACS by your side to pinpoint the solution. Eliminate concerns or worries about the functionality of your system by having our staff of specialists and experts on hand to help address and resolve any malfunctions that may arise.

Emergency Equipment Maintenance

ACS never considers the job complete once security gates and equipment have been installed. While we stand behind every product we install and every technician who installs them, we know that sometimes things go wrong. Whether the problems with your gate access system, parking control systems, or video monitoring systems are manmade or a result of natural causes, ACS offers 24/7 service and repair on all gate access systems.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Why wait until an emergency to worry about equipment repair? Our range of Preventative Maintenance agreements are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that your equipment is optimally maintained and that the cost of ownership is predictable. It can extend the life of your system and protect you against unexpected emergency costs.