Preventative Maintenance and Support

ACS'S Planned Maintenance Program Provides Peace of Mind

Planned maintenance should occur on a regular basis in order to prolong the life of the equipment and is a cost savings in the long run, whether it’s for access control equipment, cameras, gate automation or overhead doors.

Preventative maintenance can reduce costs by preventing major repairs and helps you be proactive, rather than waiting until the equipment breaks down.

If the safety and security of your customers, residents, employees and guests are a priority, then you need ACS's Preventative Maintenance Plan.


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Access Control Equipment & Camera

Access control equipment such as maglocks and strikes, telelphone entries, card readers and exit buttons should be inspected at least annually to ensure their efficacy. Maglocks can become loose over time, resulting in doors not shutting properly or batteries lose voltage- both can create unsafe conditions for the people they are meant to protect.

Camera lenses should also be cleaned once to twice a year and refocused, especially when outdoors. ACS will also inspect recording equipment to ensure proper settings for proper recording. 


Gate and Overhead Door Automation Preventative Maintenance 

In order for your equipment to operate properly, preventative maintenance is a must, per ALL manufacturer's manuals Also, many companies aren't aware that overhead doors and gates fall under the OSHA General Duty Clause of 1970. In order to be OSHA compliant, PM needs to be done on a regular basis and you must have a record of it, which ACS will provide. The frequency will depend on the cycles of the gate, the application and type of gate.