Hospitals and Healthcare


Hospitals and medical buildings require stringent security measures, which only the most experienced providers can meet. ACS is well versed in hospital and medical center safety, with equipment installation, monitoring, and service that covers all access points within the building and on the premises.

Surveillance cameras, parking structures, entry gates and doors, and access control are all services that hospitals and medical centers must have in order to keep patients, records, and staff safe at all times. Control of who enters each floor with elevator access control, who can access particular wings or rooms with entry control, and where staff and patients can park with a parking solution is also crucial to the security of any medical facility. Even spaces within your medical center that aren't access controlled should be monitored by CCTV systems.

ACS can work with your building managers to install and implement a security solution that works with your needs, whether you're in the planning phase of your building or complex, or you need to add security features to an already robust system.

Because prevalent cameras and security checkpoints can create a culture of fear among employees, we'll work to make your system as visible or invisible as you need it to be. With seamless security exactly where you need it, you can be sure your facility is safe for all who enter.