Safe Haven Construction by ACS

Security for Construction Sites

ACS partnered with Videofied Technologies to provide a portable camera security system to protect assets at construction sites. This system may be relocated to other sites as you need protection. Thefts from sites can cause project delays and increased costs due to replacement of materials and equipment.


These “remote sentries” can be located anywhere providing instant video alerts ofintrusions. This results in apprehensions rather than recording yesterday’s crimes.  This technology transmits the video to a central monitoring station. They immediately view the camera images after the motion detectors have been tripped to determine if it is an environmental condition such as a dog, blowing trash, or an actual intruder. The video image can then be transmitted directly to law enforcement and other individuals.

The battery powered MotionViewer™ – PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminator can be mounted on portable stands (cement buckets for construction sites) that can be moved around as the situation demands – no trenching, no wires.  The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in storms and blizzards, ignoring the rain or snow, allowing protection of assets and not just areas.



Notice the portable cameras at the Safe Haven Family Shelter Construction Site pictured here.  UPDATE (01/28/2013) -Channel 5 News covers the story of a successful construction site apprehension due to the Videofied portable cameras ACS intalled for the general contactor at this site.

ACS has rental and purchase plans available depending on the needs of your project and company.



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