Example of Wedge Barrier for Parking Lot and Access Control Security

Anti-terrorism crash barriers have prevented numerous attacks involving airports, military bases and oil refineries in the last few years. In addition, these crash barriers have stopped non-terroristic attacks, such as those from disgruntled employees and drunk drivers. Unlike guard rails, anti-terrorism crash barriers are specially designed to withstand head on collisions. They are capable of stopping just about any type of vehicle, including large trucks.

Private Gate Entry by Access Control Systems

There’s no better way to increase your home’s security than installing a driveway security gate. Not only do they look great, security gates deter burglars and help safeguard your most valuable possessions. You may have seen other homes with security gates and wondered about getting one yourself. But you probably have several questions, like:

What are the benefits to installing a driveway security gate?

How can I get one?

Safe Haven Construction by ACS

ACS partnered with Videofied Technologies to provide a portable camera security system to protect assets at construction sites. This system may be relocated to other sites as you need protection. Thefts from sites can cause project delays and increased costs due to replacement of materials and equipment.


Parking Control System by ACS


ACS continues to be a proud provider of parking control and revenue control systems by Federal APD (now 3M) who is the largest manufacturer of parking, access and revenue control systems (PARC) in the U.S.