Access Control

Access Control For Your Home or Business

ACS has built its reputation on customizing Access Control Systems to fit the needs of the customer. The cookie cutter approach used by some providers in the industry forces the client to change their ways. At ACS, we design the Access Control System to work with the needs of the client.

Our Access Control Equipment

ACS continues a tradition of staying at the forefront of technology as it has done for individuals, corporations, and governments for over 30 years. We offer the latest IP-based technology when designing, installing, and servicing access control, video surveillance, and intercom/emergency call boxes.

The most common components to our systems include:

  • Access Control System: Proximity/Smart Card or Biometric-based systems. From a single-door system to an enterprise-class networked system with hundreds of doors
  • Video Surveillance System: IP cameras with megapixel resolution and virtualized servers
  • IP-based Intercom Systems: Allows standard duplex communication or emergency call phones that are hands-free and capable of being integrated into the access control system for a unified single GUI for event monitoring.

ACS has the latest network point-of-entry controllers for a single door that is scalable to hundreds of doors.

We design video surveillance systems that use the latest megapixel and video analytics technology available on the market today.

With all systems migrating to IP-based systems, we can offer the latest in VOIP emergency phones and intercom systems. Even better, you can get alarms and alerts from your system sent directly to apps on your phone. Other Remote Viewing features are available as well.


Get The ACS Advantage

ACS believes customers should have access control and video surveillance systems based on an open-architecture platform. Open architecture eliminates the restrictions of proprietary systems, thus allowing customers the most flexibility in choosing the highest quality products at the best pricing. That flexibility also allows customers to choose the best vendors for ongoing service of the systems.

We take pride in the relationship that continues with our clients after a system is commissioned. Since needs change over time, our approach is to consider these potential changes on the front end and design a system that is flexible. ACS is committed to making sure that our customers are satisfied. From the design stage through the installation and ongoing service, it is our goal to make sure that we meet our customers’ expectations.